BL Retirement

Robert “Bob” Landgraf, Sr.

The Robert Landgraf, Sr. Opportunity Fund

Robert “Bob” Landgraf, Sr. attended Westminster Public Schools (then known as Adams County District 50) from elementary school through High School. He graduated from Westminster High School as a three sport letterman in football, wrestling and baseball. His participation in athletics had a profound impact on him and helped him establish life-long values. His mentors were his coaches – particularly his wrestling coach.

One of the values Bob learned while participating in athletics was that student participation in school activities is very important, whether it was sports, music, drama or clubs.

Bob went into the plumbing trade and over a period of years he developed his own successful plumbing company. Throughout his years, Bob remained involved in the school district and served on the Board of Education for ten years. During his early Board years, the District experienced rapid growth due to the growth of the surrounding communities. One of the changes during his tenure was a budgetary need to implement student activity fees for participation in athletics. It bothered Bob that many students were not able to participate due to their inability to pay this cost.

Tragically, Bob developed cancer and passed away. His eldest son, Bob Jr., his youngest son Scott, and several friends and community members knew how Bob, Sr. felt about the importance of school activities and decided to develop the Robert Landgraf, Sr. Opportunity Grant. This new grant is dedicated to helping students who want to participate in athletics or other school activities but do not have the financial means to pay the required fees.  Applicants must show financial need and provide an explanatory statement if they apply for support for non-athletic activities.

The Westminster Public Schools Foundation is overseeing this grant. Members of the WPS Foundation are working with coaches and sponsors to share this opportunity and information.

If Bob, Sr. were asked about his views on this opportunity, he would definitely flash that million dollar smile and say “go get ’em boy.”